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“Honestly, [DAMES IN THE ATOMIC AGE] is my favorite random thing I’ve read since OUR LOVE IS REAL. This comic has proven to me that I need to seek out more independent comics…”

- Ain’t It Cool News

“[DAMES IN THE ATOMIC AGE is] an homage to B-movies and pulp magazines, but told with a brilliant modernist spark. Most fun I’ve had reading a book in a LONG time.”

- Joshua Hale Filakov (Tumor; Last of the Greats; I, Vampire)

“DAMES IN THE ATOMIC AGE is like the literary love-grandchild of Mickey Spillane and Rod Serling. Just like Spillane, Chris Ryder is starting out his writing career in comics, and shares Serling’s love of both out-of-this world tales and prize fighters. With that 1-2 punch, expect Ryder to be a true contender!”

- Jim McCann (Return of the Dapper Men; Mind The Gap; Hawkeye & Mockingbird)

“The thing I liked most about this book are the little subtle things that are written into the characters… It’s not like anything else you’re reading at the moment. It’s a hell of a lot of fun.”

- 11 O’Clock Comics Podcast

“Ryder’s inclusion of technology, aliens, and monsters (big nasty red ants anyone?) make for a satisfying read that left us begging for more. The writing is sharp and edgy and keeps readers on their toes.”

- Why Not Indie?

“Without giving too much away: If you like people punching one another, mysteries, car chases, and giant ants, you have to check out DAMES IN THE ATOMIC AGE.”

- Geektress

“Five stars out of five.”

-LA Examiner

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